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At Seawag you will find a wide collection of the best waterproof bags and cases for waterproof smartphones and tablets for any adventure. Whether your trips take you to the mountains or under the waves, our products are with you every step of the way, keeping your belongings safe, dry and secure.


John S.

“I saw something pink in a mass of seaweed washing ashore. It was a Seawag case with seaweed around it, the phone inside was dry, charged it up and it worked fine.”

20 minutes Switzerland

"A reader of the swiss newspaper 20 minutes retrieved 2 protected smartphones in a SEAWAG case at the bottom of the river. It turned out that they had been in the water for over two years until they found their original owners.”


“The phone was submerged for around 40 minutes until my wife found it. The phone was still working with no issues. Totally worth it.”

Mary K.

“The Seawag case works very well underwater, exceptional photo quality at a ridiculous price.”


“I loved how you could take pictures in the water. Very durable material.”

Welcome to Seawag, the ultimate destination for waterproof phone cases!

We are a team of passionate individuals who love to enjoy the outdoors while staying connected. Our mission is to provide the best protection for your phone in any environment, from the beach to the mountains. Our waterproof cases are designed to withstand extreme conditions and keep your phone safe from water, sand, and dust. We strive to provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. Trust us to keep your phone protected, so you can focus on your adventures!

Our mission at Seawag

is to empower our customers to capture life's most memorable moments, even when they're underwater. We are passionate about the outdoors and understand the importance of having high-quality gear that you can rely on. That's why we are committed to designing and producing the best waterproof cases on the market. Our goal is to provide our customers with the peace of mind they need to take their phones and cameras anywhere, whether it's surfing, swimming, or simply enjoying a day at the beach. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to capture and share their adventures, and we are dedicated to making that possible with our products and customer service.


Buying Seawag products couldn’t be easier. Just browse through our product categories, select the appropriate style and colour of any items you wish to purchase and add them into your shopping cart.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h
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